The Motivation

A Call to Action

University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN

October 19th, 2019


It started with a single question, “How are you doing mentally?” as opposed to a simple “How are you?” Asking this individually to six Notre Dame students in the span of 20 minutes, Patrick received the same response - “I’m not doing well. I feel like I’m the only one going through these struggles.” Patrick had seen enough. Marching to the dining hall on a chilly October 2019 day, Patrick asked himself one question… “How can I let people know that they’re not alone?” 

We all battle fear, doubt, and mental struggles. Every single person on this Earth. But why do so many of us feel like we need to put on a “mask” or live someone else’s life as a result? After three years of hearing the struggles and vulnerable stories of thousands of students, a common theme emerged - Everyone was struggling, but no one wanted to show it. 

In response, Patrick created “Living As You,” a motivational podcast designed to inspire individuals to live more authentically as themselves, “take the leap” in times of uncertainty, and ultimately tap into the power of self-love & acceptance. By fully living and embracing our own unique selves, each of us has the ability to change the world & achieve anything. 

- Name: Patrick Quinn

- Dream: Give a TED Talk

- Bucket List: Fly to the Moon

- Fun Fact: 3 Hip surgeries

- Random Hobby: Letter writing

- Inspiration: Marcus Aurelius

- Newfound Love: French Language

- Passion: The Human Brain

- Current Book: “Mindset” (Carol Dweck)

- Mantra: “Lead with your Heart”

- Daily Habit: Gratitude Journaling

- Best Friend: Foam Roller

- Famous For: Sending Voice Memos

“Living as You” stands as a platform for courageous leaders to share their stories of authentic living, “taking the leap,” and leading with their hearts. Through a combination of motivational monologue “TED” Talks & personal interviews with a cohort of world-class individuals currently “taking the leap” and living authentically, Patrick is on a mission to transform lives through empowerment and inspire others to live as themselves every single day. 


World Class Interviews

Listener Thoughts




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"Warning 🚨  Subscribing to Patrick’s podcast will inspire & motivate you to connect more positively with yourself and the world around you. I’m grateful that Patrick invites us to join him with this podcast exploring self discovery.

You WILL experience an energetic shift with subscribing, listening & joining in his conversations." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Patrick is Succeeding in Making This World a Better Place"





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"Model for Others"

"Is it possible to give more than 5 stars? Is that allowed? Because oh my gosh, Patrick Quinn deserves it. Each of his podcast episodes blew my expectations out of the water!!! What he talks about is so real and genuine. This podcast is a gateway into Patrick’s life and soul. With each episode I learn something new about the way he thinks and cares for others. Patrick Quinn is the real deal. He is caring, compassionate, loving, humble, passionate, and genuine. So impressed. Ten out of five stars for me!"




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"Must Listen"

"I’m not typically an avid podcast listener, but l just can’t get enough of Living as You. Not only is it entertaining and interesting, but Patrick’s sincerity behind his thoughtful words and stories is so evident, making it all the more enjoyable. We need the positivity and ingenuity that Patrick brings to the table during such unprecedented, challenging times, and l could not recommend this podcast more."